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Car Tracking Be at peace with your asset, know where your vehicle is at any point in time.   Next »  Learn more
Export and Import We are experts in export and import, clearing, forwarding as well as freighting worldwide   « Previous Next »  Learn more
GPS Sales We sell a variety of GPS units, from the mapping handhelds to the satellite navigation units.   « Previous  Learn more


Our reasons for being:
Car Tracking:
To be one of the best service provider in the field of vehicle tracking in Nigeria, with innovative products, effective search and recovery system and a great support system un surpassed in the industry in Nigeria.
Export & Import:
We are involved in international trade, assisting business men to import items cogent to their businesses as well as exporting their products for effective international exposure.
  • To be the best
  • Effective search and recovery system
  • Un Surpassed support system.

GPS Sales:  To be in the forefront of marketers of GPS units in Nigeria- for mobile handheld mapping all through to satellite based navigation systems, we are able to supply any number of units per time, with superb Nigerian Street Level mapping included.
  • Hand Held mapping devices
  • Satellite Navigation Devices
  • GPs based mobile phone systems
  • GPS maps of Nigeria
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